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Macabre Media Podcast

Dec 12, 2020

This episode is a celebration of The Last of Us 2 winning game of the year. The audio is sourced from Coffee With Comrades who was generous enough to let us use it. Follow them below and consider subscribing to their Patreon. 



Jun 5, 2020

Support protesters fighting injustice and institutional racism

We tried a new recording platform and it butchered Kaleb's audio so sorry about that but also oh well. On this episode we discuss a movie from the 60s and it gets pretty political. We also...

May 27, 2020

THIS EPISODE WAS RECORDED IN APRIL. We are starting a new miniseries called Covinema to play off of COVID-19. This is a serious time but we have to be able to make light of it to some degree and we hope to do that while advocating for strict and serious precautionary measures. This series will be solely focused on...

May 17, 2020

The Tell Tale Heart on Twitter (@telltalefilm) hit us up with the private link to see their movie which was OUTSTANDING! Here's our review.

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Twitter @telltalefilm

RL Terry's website

Mar 31, 2020

Sorry y'all we forgot we had a podcast. Thanks for tuning in and be sure to follow us on Twitter for a semblance of activity. 

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