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Macabre Media Podcast

Dec 27, 2018

Our first review of a board game, our first female guest and her first appearance on a podcast. We played the 2004 board game and we are able to bump it into an episode last night after we played. Here is our review. Huge thanks to Pearson from Coffee With Comrades, Brock from Cocktail Massacre Party, and Dustin from

Dec 24, 2018

 This is the final episode of the Christmas Killing Trifecta and it's the for the legendary Krampus. The defining Christmas horror movie of the 21st century. Check out the shows merch store on Teepublic and make sure to leave a review on iTunes and Twitter. If you wanna roast me there is where you should do it.


Dec 22, 2018

Back at it again with the Christmas horror movies, today's episode is on Christmas Evil from 1980, this is a great film and is well worth the watch. The online merch store is up and kicking check it out on Teepublic but wait for a sale! Wanna chat? Follow us on Twitter to argue with me about horror movies. If you have...

Dec 19, 2018

What's poppin ya'll? This week we have three episodes coming out before our regularly scheduled episode next week! This is the first one of the three Christmas movie reviews. We also have a podcast merch store on Teepublic so if you're interested, check it out! Follow us on Twitter if you wanna chat or email

Dec 13, 2018

This week's intermediary episode is christmas themed. Actually, christmas horror themed. We are gonna review "A Christmas Horror Story" from 2015. This is a good holiday horror movie and less campy than the rest. Follow us on Twitter or instagram. Subscribe to the podcast to know when our shows get posted and if you're...